What Is A Soundfield System?

Just like a personal amplification system (Roger or an FM system), a SoundField system also works on improving the clarity of speech or sound. Both wireless systems help individuals better identify speech signals over a distance. The main difference, however, lies in the receivers. The personal amplification system utilises an earpiece or head phones in which the talker is amplified directly into the ear(s) of the person with the device. With a SoundField system, the sound is amplified into the entire room via speakers. To reduce any background noise, the person speaking wears a microphone and their voice is amplified to a comfortable and optimal level to ensure a clear signal. This means, everyone within a particular space is able to hear the speaker clearly. 

SoundField Distribution vs SoundField Amplification

The primary purpose of a SoundField system is to make a spoken speech or set of instructions reach people more clearly. However, many people get confused by the term ‘sound field amplification’. They think it means that all existing sounds in the classroom are just made louder. This would only raise the noise levels in the room, making it even more challenging to concentrate.

When installed and used appropriately, a SoundField system should actually do the complete opposite. It only concentrates and amplifies the voice of the teacher or the person speaking. Through the speakers, the SoundField system distributes the voice evenly throughout the room to reach every individual. To notice the difference in voice clarity, switch off the SoundField system device. You will become more aware of how the sound distribution works.

How Does It Work?

There are 2 parts to the SoundField system, the microphone and the speaker. The wireless microphone can be work on a lanyard or be used with a lapel headset. These microphones are often very light and easy to manoeuvre. When the speaker speaks into the microphone, their voice is amplified through the speaker to allow listeners to focus on the voice presenting and not the background chatter.

The speakers are lightweight and can be portable or wall mounted. They are not like any loudspeakers, though as these speakers are “dynamic” which means that they increase and decrease the volume of the speaker automatically as the background noise changes. They are designed to deliver clear sound to every student in the room.

SoundField systems benefit all children within a classroom setting and also aid with decreasing noise within a space due to a clearer and crisper signal from the speaker. Teachers benefit from the use of these devices as vocal strain is decreased. SoundField systems need to be a part of every classroom and in all education spaces.

At South Australia Speech and Hearing Centre (SASHC), we utilise only the most recent evidence-based therapies and technologies in all our assessments and interventions. As Phonak preferred suppliers, you can loan and purchase a Phonak SoundField system from us. If you are located within the metropolitan area, we can also set these systems up for you.

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