Soundfield Systems

What is a Soundfield system?

A Soundfield system, like Roger Amplification, is a wireless system that allows an individual to better identify speech signals over a distance. The individual speaker wears a transmitter (microphone) which transmits their voice signal to a speaker which amplifies the sound to a room.

What are the benefits of a Soundfield system?

For the best possible learning experience students must be able to clearly hear the teacher in class. Unfortunately this is not always possible as factors such as background noise, the distance between the teacher and students and room acoustics can make understanding the teacher difficult, particularly if the student has a diagnosis of APD or a hearing loss. The Soundfield system will amplify the teacher’s voice to a comfortable level above the noise in the classroom, making the teacher’s voice accessible to all the children in the class. Ambient noise has been shown to decrease when a Soundfield is being used in a class.

How are a Soundfield system and Roger Amplification different from each other?

Both the Soundfield system and Roger Amplification have a transmitter unit in which the talker speaks in to. However, the variation between Roger Amplification and the Soundfield is in the receiver. Roger Amplification is an individual unit, in which the speaker’s voice is amplified directly into a child’s ear, whereas the Soundfield amplifies the speaker’s voice into an entire room via dynamic loudspeakers.

How do I purchase a Soundfield system?

We are a Phonak Preferred Supplier. You may purchase Phonak Soundfield systems from us using our online shop or email at We are able to provide a set-up service within the metropolitan area. Discounts apply for bulk orders. If you wish to learn more, we are able to provide a demonstration of the Soundfield system at our clinic. We are also able to loan you a system for a limited time at no cost*.

Please contact us for more information.

*A delivery fee may be charged if the unit is unable to be collected or returned to the SASHC premises.

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