Childhood Hearing Loss

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What makes us special

Services for children who are hearing impaired

SASHC is an independent service provider that specialises in the provision of intervention to hearing impaired children in South Australia. SASHC is owned and run by a passionate, dual qualified, speech pathologist and audiologist with years of experience working with children with hearing needs.

The SASHC team of therapists will work with you to tailor a program that best suits your child and your family. Our therapists are able to work with childcare centres, kindergartens and schools to ensure all professionals working with your child are supported in enabling your child to achieve their potential.

How can SASHC help?

Our Therapists will work with you to:



If unsure about your funding options, please contact SASHC for information and support.



Our therapists are qualified, trained and experienced in working with children with hearing impairment. We are able to work closely with other allied health professionals involved in the care and management of your child’s needs.


SASHC is fully equipped with a sound proof booth and state of the art audiology equipment to ensure that your child’s hearing is consistently monitored. We are also able to come to you to perform a hearing screen on your child. This service enables us to ensure that your child’s hearing is optimal at all times to maximise their development.

We will work with you

At SASHC we believe strongly in parent choice. Therapists will advise families on the best options for your child. We are committed to providing the mode of therapy and service that you deem best suited for yourself and your family. We will work with you to ensure that your child is set to achieve their optimal capability.

For more information on how we can best help, please contact SASHC