Hearing Aids Adelaide

We are Independent Hearing Aids Specialists!

South Australia Speech and Hearing Centre is a member of Independent Audiologists Australia. We are not owned or closely affiliated with any one manufacturer of hearing aids Adelaide. We do not pay commissions to our therapists for hearing aid sales. As an independent service provider, our highest priority is to meet your needs by finding an individualised solution that works best for you.

What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are little amplification devices that amplify sounds so they can be heard. However, in time these devices have become “communication” devices which dynamically change the level of amplification to suit various listening environments.

What are the types of hearing aids?

There are various types of hearing aids available. The styles available include:

The type of hearing aids Adelaide prescribed will depend on the degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids Brands We Offer:

The Phonak logo featuring a stylized ear with the company name beneath it, representing its hearing aid products and services
The ReSound logo, depicting the brand name in bold letters with a stylized sound wave, representing its innovative hearing aid solutions
The Starkey logo, featuring the brand name in bold letters with a star symbol, representing its high-quality hearing aid products and services
Widex logo featuring a stylized 'W' in bold blue against a white background
Phonak hearing aid, small and discreet, with a sleek design, on a white surface
Close-up of a small, sleek hearing aid, resting on a white surface

Will hearing aids help?

It is important to understand that hearing aids will help with your hearing, however, how well you communicate will depend on you. Hearing aids on their own improve sound clarity and volume but if they are not worn consistently and used optimally, you will not be getting the most out of them. Understanding what hearing aids do and how to best use them is an important factor to success and can significantly improve quality of life for those with a hearing loss.

What happens at my hearing aids appointments?

At your first appointment, the audiologist will carry out a full diagnostic hearing assessment. Your hearing loss will be discussed with you. It is at this appointment that you and your communication partner(s) will discuss difficulties and troubles you experience in various situations. The rehabilitation options will be discussed with you, along with recommendations on methods to improve communication. If a hearing aid is warranted, we will go through the best option for your hearing loss and discuss the various features that you may benefit from. If you decide to progress with ordering a hearing aid, the devices will be ordered for you.

A fitting appointment will be organised two weeks from the order date to fit and tune the hearing device(s) to your individual hearing levels. You will be shown how to insert, use and control the hearing device(s). You will also be given information about maintaining and caring for the instruments and what to expect while you are adjusting to your hearing device(s).

A follow-up appointment will be arranged two weeks post the fitting appointment. This session is to ask about the use, benefit and satisfaction you gain from wearing the hearing device(s). We may also make adjustments to the device(s), if necessary. We will check your communication progress and talk about hearing tactics and communication strategies.

Who should attend my appointments?

As we consistently strive to ensure that your hearing device(s) is working for you, we suggest that your primary communication partner(s) attend appointments. This will allow us to maximise your hearing outcomes with the people you communicate most with.

Will I have a choice of manufacturer for my hearing aids?

Yes! We are able to provide a range of brand options and tailor a solution that best meets your needs. We supply devices that utilise the most up to date technologies and features including Bluetooth connectivity, re-chargable options and smart phone integration. Prices start from $1,997 inclusive of fitting and follow-up appointments.