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Phonak Roger Pass-around Microphone


Phonak Roger Pass-around Microphone is designed to enhance classroom discussions so that not only teachers, but all students are heard clearly. The Roger Pass-around can be handed from one person to another or placed in the sturdy stand in front of one or two students.

Compatible with the Roger Touchscreen Microphone Transmitter and Roger branded receivers.

See below for more information.

The Roger Pass-around Microphone is fully automatic and ready to use once connected. The child just needs to talk into it to be heard.

The speaker just holds the mic near the mouth when speaking. The indicator light will shine green when the voice is picked up.

In the stand
The Roger Pass-around can be placed in its sturdy yet light-weight stand. Place it on the desk in front of the speakers.

Laid flat
If the Roger Pass-around is laid on the table, it will automatically mute (indicator light will blink red) to avoid broadcast of
unnecessary sound.