How Can A Soundfield System Benefit Your Child?

A SoundField system is also known as a sound amplification system. It evenly spreads the sound around the entire room. Just like a personal amplification system, SoundField systems are wireless. However, personal amplification systems come as individual units and are worn by individuals. A SoundField system, on the other hand, transmits and amplifies the voice of the speaker to the entire room clearly.

Children Listen Differently

Children do not listen to the same way adults do. This is mainly because their auditory network is still not fully developed. Children also do not have the same listening experience and vast vocabulary that adults have. Therefore, their minds cannot automatically fill in any unheard words the way adults do. Their ‘data banks’ are not filled and ready yet. That is why they must hear every word clearly to understand and work out what has been said.

A classroom might sound suitable for adults, but this is hardly the case for children. Their hearing capabilities and requirements are different. To be able to learn and concentrate, children need a quiet space with the voice of the person speaking to be clear and crisp. That is why every classroom needs a SoundField system. These systems will help make learning easier for all children.

Benefits in the Classroom

There is no doubt that hearing-impaired children and those with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) wil benefit from the use of a SoundField system. These systems will enable these children to hear the teacher’s voice clearly, regardless where they are seated within a classroom setting. SoundField systems include a wireless microphone that is worn by the teacher, and these microphones transmit the teachers voice to the speakers. So even when teachers are facing away from the class, children with attention difficulties and hearing loss will be able to hear their teacher clearly.

Not all teachers can speak loudly enough to reach all the children within a large classroom. A SoundField system is a device that amplifies the voice of the teacher in the classroom. The voice of the teacher will be loud enough and clear for every child in the class from a distance of up to 100m. It has been shown that when the teacher’s voice is louder and clearer than the noise around, the background noise decreases as those listening focus in. Therefore, not only does a SoundField system make the speaker’s voice clearer and louder, but it also results in decreased noise all around.

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