Speech, Language and Literacy

What makes us special

SASHC is an independent service provider that specialises in the provision of intervention to children with speech, language and literacy delays and disorders. SASHC is owned and run by two passionate, dual qualified speech pathologists and audiologists with years of experience working with children.

The SASHC team of therapists will work with families to tailor a program that best suits your child and family in order to maximise outcomes. Our therapists are able to work with childcare centres, kindergartens and schools to ensure all professionals working with your child are supported in enabling your child to achieve their potential.

How can SASHC help?

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What is speech and language?

Speech may also be known as articulation. An articulation delay/disorder occurs when your child is unable to produce/pronounce a particular sound accurately e.g. /s/ or /f/. Children with speech delays have difficulty being understood.

Language is the ability to acquire and use communication. Language can be broken into two parts, how we understand language (receptive language) and how we use language to express ourselves (expressive language).



Our therapists are qualified, trained and experienced in working with children with speech and language delays. We are able to work closely with other allied health professionals involved in the care and management of your child’s needs.


The therapy for speech and language delay/disorders is fun and interactive. We utilise the most current evidence based research to guide us in individually tailoring a program to suit both your child’s specific needs and also your lifestyle.

What can we work on?


If unsure about your funding options, please contact SASHC for more information.