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Focus Rechargeable



Enables children with normal hearing and unilateral hearing loss to be more attentive by bringing speech directly to their ears and reducing the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation.

Focus on performance

Speech recognition in noise is significantly improved for children with UHL 1,2, ASD 3,4 and APD 5 when using Phonak remote microphone technology, like Roger Focus II (compared to no technology).

Focus on personalized choice

Roger Focus II comes in a rechargeable model with 10 colour options, and a 312 Zinc Air model (Roger Focus II-312) with 2 colour options. Both models are compatible with SDS 4.0, including the 00-size SlimTube, making it suitable even for very small ears.

Focus on safety

Volume can be set to suit individual needs, and then locked to ensure curious fingers don’t change the settings. Keeping batteries out of a child’s mouth is achieved via a tamperproof battery door. The tamperproof door is delivered with every Roger Focus II-312 (and can be mounted for those who need it). There is no battery door on the rechargeable Roger Focus II. An IP68* rating means that both models are reliable and robust enough for when life gets a bit wet.1

Focus on compatibility

Compatible with all Roger microphones, and easily used alongside other technology — both inside and outside the classroom. Roger Focus ll boasts a one-click connection to the Roger microphone and easily switches between paired microphones without needing to reconnect


Velvet Black, Silver Gray, Electric Green, Lava Red, Majesty Purple, Alpine White, Precious Pink, Beige, Blue Ocean, Caribbean Pirate